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  • Gate Latch Fabrication

    On the rear of my property I have a six foot fence with a gate that borders the alternative high school. The factory gate latch was made out of 1/8" steel and was very wimpy. Some time in the last two weeks when they mowed the school yard I think that the tractor hit the gate and knocked it off its hinges. At the same time the latch portion of the gate latch assembly disappeared. I looked around but couldn't find it, so I made a new improved one. Instead of 1/8" steel I used 1/4". I TIG welded the latch because I would have to back my car out of the garage to access the MIG welder, so time wise it was a wash.

    I modeled it in SolidWorks so that I could make a print to use as a template for bending the strap and a second template to use as a drilling and contouring guide for the pivot portion of the gate latch. To bend the strap I wrapped in around a piece of 2-3/4" bar stock in the vise. I bent it until it matched the print. For the pivot portion of the latch I glued the print to the steel part and transferred the holes and contouring.

    It's not like I need it secure because I never lock it anyway. I just don't like it swinging around because at the extreme of travel the hinge bottoms out when it hits and bends the fence that is attached to the gate. It can also rotate the portion of the hinge that is attached to the post, which is how the gate fell off.

    Attached Files
    Smith Oxyacetylene Torch
    Miller Dynasty 200DX
    Lincoln SP-250 MIG Welder
    Lincoln LE 31 MP
    Lincoln 210 MP
    Clausing/Colchester 15" Lathe
    16" DoAll Saw
    15" Drill Press
    7" x 9" Swivel Head Horizontal Band Saw
    20 Ton Arbor Press
    Everlast PowerTIG 400 EXT

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    Nice job. That ought to hold it!
    Miller 211AS
    Miller 375
    Miller Syncrowave 250
    Miller Thunderbolt XL


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      Much stronger than the pot metal latches the fence builders normally supply.


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        Very nice work from concept to the actual part.