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New to tig, Help me repair my boat!

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  • New to tig, Help me repair my boat!

    Hi everyone this is my first post. I am also new to tig welding, so please have patience with me. I damaged my boat about 3 weeks ago, and just bought a miller diversion 165 to repair it. I got a deal on the welder. It's 3 years old and was only used a couple times so it's like new. Came with cart, cover, manuals, gauges, bottle of argon, pack of 2% thoriated tungstens, and a mix of ss, alum, and steel rods. I paid $1000 for all. I ordered a northern tool auto dark hood, tig finger, and 50' 8/3 50amp extension cord, and am waiting for them to arrive so I can start practicing. I am going to post pictures of the boat and damage, and I hope some pros will help guide me on how best to repair it. Maybe this thread will help some new folks like me learn to tig weld as I plan to post pics and updates along the way. I tried to post some pics, but the manage attachments button will not work. I will post some when I figure it out.