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    Getting back to the original question:
    - I don't think that this is as big a deal as people make it out to be. Unless you're piecing together stuff that's thoroughly hammered, typically what comes in is something that was usually driveable and leaking, if it didn't let go completely, it' snot going to after you weld it. The bigger issue is to get it clean and find the whole deal that needs to be repaired.
    - I don't see why MIG with a spool gun is _that_ bad. Most multi piece wheels that are welded were welded using mig... I suppose that they are intrinsically unsafe???
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      Silver back, I don't agree with you, Back about 12 years ago, Ford Motor company had a problem with tires blowing out.

      If I remember correctly it was the Ford Expedition and I think Fire Stone tires,
      ( Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. ) and they had a issue with tires blowing out and the truck rolling over, It just so happens that my neighbors mom died in one of the roll overs.

      Since it doesn't sound like your a very experienced welder when it comes to dirty aluminum, This might not be the best topic for you to give advise about.