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chain cup holder of fail

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  • chain cup holder of fail

    I had some chain and wanted to make something out of it after seeing the chain wine bottle holder in another thread. I imagined a johnny-5 hand from the movie short circuit holding a coke can.
    This is the first time I've welded chain but I thought "that looks easy enough", lol and boy was I wrong.

    It was like pulling teeth trying to get it to stay in place while welding it.
    The chain I used was cheap and each link started pulling apart as the metal was heated and cooled so I had to weld each individual link together.
    The chain was 3ft long....well I needed 4ft so I cut some of the welds and did a different design...and still needed another foot, doh.
    I couldn't get a good ground because the links would move breaking ground. So I turned up the heat to try and get it tacked but it just blew some links in half, double doh.

    Anyway here it is

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    such a nice cup holder it seems you left everyone in the forum speachless.


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      everyone must already have a pretty snazzy cup holder


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        Looks like galvy plated chain= PIA to weld
        need to remove the galvy- mucho easier to weld.

        Or find weldable chain
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          Originally posted by grndamgt4 View Post
          everyone must already have a pretty snazzy cup holder
          Not a cup holder, but I do have a lamp.

          Don't know as I need a cup holder, as I have one built in on the end of each arm.


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            hey i dig it! spray it with black grill paint.

            try some bigger/thicker chain next time! then you can have it hold a 5 gal water dispenser container! put a petcock on the bottom of the jug and ........ there you go! lol
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              Next time, put the welds on the bottoms of the links, where they cant be seen.


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                Hey nice work on the lamp, I had seen it before doing the cup holder but the misses said no .

                Also that would be one sweet water cooler.