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  • off road welding "cart"

    Ive finaly gotten my new to me roughneck 2e up and going great, the main use for this machine is going to be in a back pasture away from my shop and bulk of the tools but it may have to travel into the field from time to time if I can't get my truck near the broken equipment/fence. Its going to be towable by a mule or four wheeler. Ive got an old murray riding lawn mower im thinking of using as the chassis. Anyone out there done something similar?

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    So heres what I have so far. Forgive the mess, I was rippong parts off as fast as I could while my son was napping. Youll see the welder is off center by about 3/4" and that the placement allows room in front and rear of the machine. Its only sitting on the frame for mounting measurements and placement. The idea is to utilize a heavy d-ring I have across the front frame horns at around 5" from ground height to allow the front wheels to hover 2" +/- while being moved with the 4 wheeler and giving me the ability to back the rig up if and when need be. If I set it up for a towbar/wagon type steering id have a **** of a time backing it up with my quad (it has a live axle and not near the turn radius of a more modern machine). But to also implement a wagon type steering setup for when its inside the barn.
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      A little off topic but the more I run this little machine the more I like it, I thought id miss having the dc capabilities or the auto idle and the nick nacks of my 250 bobcat but this little 2e ac only rig welds the pants right off my bobcat. That being said I may be doing a few upgrades to it and swaping out machines. For me it has a much better feel almost like running my brothers 1960s sa 200 (hes a pipeliner) anyway more progress on the cart this week!


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        Nothing new this week, had a small repair job todo for some family so no progress was made, however looks like I may score a miller 135 with 80cf of argon/co2 bottle and cart if from said family member which would make it much nicer to get the steering fabed up. Im trying not to clutter the cart too much so the machine gets some air flow when in use but im thinking about putting a 5 gallon hand tank on the back near the motor to allow easy refills and possibly a tool box just big enough for 3-4 5lb boxes of rods a hood, gloves, and jacket. Ill have to see what can be made. I also have a side box for a pickup truck that may work if the weight doesnt make it too top heavy