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  • emt welding cart

    Only posting this because I havn't seen another quite like it, and i have done a lot of looking trying to find ideas I wanted to incorporate.

    I have quite a bit of emt from scrap and other project that I have collected up so that was the first choice. Obviously didn't want to buy anything I didnt have to, and don't have any sheet metal so I just used 1/2" emt closely spaced.

    From past experience of working on my welder I wanted it easily accessible if something had to be repaired, but I also wanted a shelf over the top to put stuff as I'm always trying to lay it on top of the welder. So I decided on a removable shelf to go above the welder.

    Right now I only have one bottle of gas for aluminum but I'm sure I'll wind up with a second for SS so I wanted the cart to hold 2 bottles but when it has only one I wanted it centered.

    As I was deciding on shelf heights I thought it would be convenient for the center shelf to be adjustable, as of now I have no special intention for it other than to put stuff, till I obtain something else. For now I think I'll leave the 125 handler on its own HF cart.
    I had a scrap piece of superstrut and decided that would make it easy to do an adjustable shelf with but I had to buy another piece as I didn't have enough.
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