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First Welding Project from a Newbie

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    It wasn't really unknown. I had taken the gauge out which left a hole without a feed tube etc. I then turned it upside down for about 2-3 weeks with that hole facing down. I probably didn't need to burn it in the brush fire but thought it would be a good additional step.


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      I got a chance to finish the top to my fire pit this afternoon. It isn't perfect, but I'm satisfied with it at this point since it's the first project I've attempted with steel and welding.

      Bending the expanded steel into the corner pieces was pretty tricky. Took lots of hammer swinging, clamping and patience.
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        I got a little time today to work on my fire pit. I had to build a couple jigs to bend the rod for the foot rest and to get it held together in a hoop before welding it to the pit.

        After I got it tacked together in the hoop configuration, I cut a hole in the middle of the jig to allow me to drop the pit into the middle and set the foot rest 3/4" below the top edge of the pit. After cutting each of the small attachment pieces to fit, I welded the hoop to the fire pit.

        The hinges that I made to attach the top to the pit didn't work as well as I had hoped. It will work, but I may grind them off and try something else.

        I still need to:
        1) cut holes/install pipe or something in the bottom to let it breathe
        2) cut a drain hole or two so it doesn't fill up with water
        3) make a handle to lift the top
        4) wire brush the rust off the pit and paint the whole thing with high heat paint.
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          Finally completed the fire pit this weekend. After making a handle, installing some air inlets and drilling a drain hole; I painted the whole thing with Rust Oleum high heat black paint.
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            It looks great and is a job well done.
            Hopefully you are now hooked on welding like the rest of us.

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