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    I had some spare time on my hands so I started this pit a few months ago.i made the bull horns out of some 90's I started with a 2-1/2 then down to a 2" then to a 1"1/2 then for the tip I used a 1"1/4 pipe I cut some pie wedges out and closed it up to make a point on the horns. for the rope look on the handles I twisted some 3/16 brass brazing rods and brazed them to the pit.the horse shoe I brazed it with the same rods to give it a good brass coating.i made 6 holes on the bottom so that way I can open up or close certain ones to control the heat.i welding some chain around the side of the side shelf plates to give it a bit more design. these pics are not of it finished I will post a few more after I take them. my neighbor bought it being he has horses.
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    Looks good, but where is the smoke stack? Is it stationary or does it have wheels under it?


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      this one is stationary as for the stacks if you look right behind the horns youll see two 2"90's that come off the top rear of the pit they are the stacks. I was gonna have the smoke come from the tips of the horns but during a trial run they tended to shoot smoke straight into your face so I closed up the tips and put two 2" 90's on the back now the smoke goes straight up and not in your face. I made a smaller one about half this size it was a rush job being the wife wanted some ribs it works great as a smoker I just fill it with 5lbs of charcoal and let it burn till it's just simmering coals then I drop in my hickory or pecan chunk that I have soaking in a 5 gallon bucket.then I close off the stacks and let it smoke for a few hours. I was gonna add a smoker box on the side of this one but sinse the little one works so good with just adding the wet chips to the coals I figured I would leave it alone. beside it's heavy enough already.