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Hay Spear Repair

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  • Hay Spear Repair

    A farmer down the road from me asked if my son and I could fix his hay spear.....He had already welded on it before and it had broken again. We did the best we know how and sent it back to him...time will tell. It was good practice.

    6010 root pass and cover pass and everything else is 7018

    This is what he brought to us

    We cleaned up the old weld and ground it out to a vee all the way around

    Then we put in a root pass (hot) and cover pass of 6010
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    This is after several passes of 7018 fill

    More 7018

    We added a piece of 2"x2"x1/4"tubing as a sleeve, then some "gussets", all done with 7018.
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      This is the finished piece. It may not be done the way that others would have done it but we did what we could do to the best of our knowledge.


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        Hay Spear Repair

        Looks good. Welds look good. See no reason your repair will not hold up, even if they abuse it.


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          Nice work. I have broken those spears before. When they get loose they break real easy. I spent a summer hauling and stacking big rounds. 200 bales a day. Of course morning and evening was tromping out in the fields in hip waders changing water on the next cutting of alfalfa. That was a good summer!

          Thanks for sharing your repair.
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            Thanks guys for the replies/comments.

            Elvis sounds like you did have an interesting summer.