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  • Tripod-type Crane

    I would like to build a tripod-type crane where I can hoist what it is I am making using a block & tackle and be able to manuver it. Has anyone built such a product where they could share their expertise? I am seeking to be able to lift less than 300 pounds. The object(s) are 8' to 9' long x 36" wide. Thanks.

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    I built 2 tripods for pulling car engines back in my younger days. One for me and one for friends and family. Never saw the friends one again . Mine i just chopped up to get the pipe for another project, it lasted 27 years. I just used 2" pipe with a 3/4" bolt thru the top with somewhat bigger holes in the pipe. It just had a circle of chain to hang the hoist on. Make the legs to suit, mine was 10' tall, somedays i wished they were 15' long...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Do you wish a tripod or a crane? The two are very very different.
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        Friend i am new for Tripod type crane. It's really new for me. All replies are welcome. I want to know more about this.


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          A double ended frame w a single run connecting the two ends works good. Think heavy duty swing set with casters under the legs. If u wanna make it really useful use a small H beam for the long run at the top. You can use it for an underhanging trolley.


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            I have built a few over the years.

            I like to build them with one leg foldable! Two padeyes at the top on a plate that the other two legs are welded to, and a single padeye in the top of the leg. Two pieces of chain back to the other two legs so it won't do the splits on you!
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