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Low budget bucket patch

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  • Low budget bucket patch

    Here is what I did for a guy who doesn't have money but put a hole in his bucket. The floor is very thin so I just put a 1/4" plate over the top of what was there. This thing was repaired before by someone who had no clue. They actually put a floor in it & welded it to the bottom of the edge behind the shanks so the step from the edge to floor was on the inside. You can see the wear bars are worn through plus the shape of the bucket is all wrong.

    I hate doing stuff like this but again either I do it or someone else does. Welded fully around plus a few plug welds. I know it won't last long in heavy use but he's hoping to get some better work & have me rebuild it in the future.

    Click image for larger version

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    MMW, You forgot to extend the wear bars up to your new plate, I think he could have gotten a couple hours of digging out of them before their completely gone.

    I hear ya.

    We do our best to push them in the right direction but if they don't have the money what can you do.

    I had to work at a car wash last night, I repaired the tire guide 2 years ago and he waited until it completely broke before he had me replace it, so He had to pay
    $ 120.00 hr. for 4 hrs