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  • a frame coupler

    Whats up guys, i need a new a frame coupler welded onto the front of my trailer. how much does somthing like that cost?

    What size welder would work for that if i thought about doing it myself.

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    What is the weight rating on the trailer? Does the old one need removing & the new welded on or is there damage from jackknifing etc.?

    An hour or two labor depending. Depending on weight rating of trailer I would say minimum size would be a 180 amp mig machine or a 150 amp stick machine.
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    Miller spectrum 875
    30a spoolgun w/wc-24
    Syncrowave 250


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      More info needed .
      Miller Bobcat 225NT onan
      Millermatic 211
      Spoolmate 100
      (Retapped to fit regular mig tips)
      Work better & less parts to stock.
      Miller 130xp
      T/A Dragster 85 (portability 11 pounds)
      Oxygen/Acetylene torch set 50'
      2. 4-1/2" grinders
      1. 9" grinder
      14" Makita chop saw
      1/2" Aircat impact gun 900#


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        With all due respect if you have to ask such a basic question pay a pro to have it done, lot of liability involved with trailer repairs.
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