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  • Six-Pack

    This is portable (well, if you have a fork lift or crane handy) bottle rack I built recently for the shop. Got tired of having the bottles right on the machines cart. It made them heavier and more akward to maneuver around the shop and in the case of the smaller machines (like just a wire feeder unit) extremely tippy.

    Click image for larger version

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    Very nice. That would be handy to have around here. Do you need a delivery address?
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      Very nicely built. Do you have any issues with the hoses strung out to the various machines?
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        Originally posted by MMW View Post
        Very nicely built. Do you have any issues with the hoses strung out to the various machines?

        I fully understand your concern with having one more hose strung out across the shop floor. I've got quick dis-connects on the hose ends so it's real easy to pop the hose lose from the machine and get it out of the road if some else has to move something thru your work zone. And at the end of the day it only takes a minute to coil the hose back up on the 6-pak so it's out of the road for sweepers.

        What really started all this is when we got two used Miller PipePro 450 machines. They came mounted on some pretty amateurish built home made carts that had the bottles side mounted where they were seriously in the way of getting to the feed rollers. When redesigning and building better carts for them I just decided it might be best not to have the bottles right on the cart. Another thing is that the wire feeders are so much longer than the machine is deep that I would have had to have had them hang way over the front of the machine to easily get the bottles rear mounted. And I didn't like that idea because it made the control panel more cumbersome to get to.

        Over all I'd have to say that the negative of having one more hose running across the shop floor is more than off set by having the machine less cluttered, more stable and easier to move around because of the reduced weight. Plus, when a bottle runs out (or you want to change gas mixture) it's easier (and I think safer) to go over to the 6-pak (that's up against the wall out of the way) and swap regulators around than it is to change out bottles on a machine cart out in the middle of a busy shop floor. This set up has definetly reduced the amount of bottle handling that I've had to do.
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