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Diamond plate for welding table?

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  • Diamond plate for welding table?

    Hi all, So, I found some 3/8 disking plate at the local metal recycler while looking for a good table top for my welding table i'm planning to build. It was 40"X10' long. I had them cut it down to two 5' lengths and the price was so good I took both pieces ($116 for both). I'm thinking that i'm probably really going to want the table top flat, so I can just put the diamond side down. Now, the question is, do you all think I'll need to grind flat the areas where my legs attach or just weld it down as it is. I'd like to put casters on it and move it around the shop and it be level. Has anyone here used diamond plate for table top before?

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    I would make a frame the size of the top from angle. I used 3x3x1/4 and welded the legs to it. My top has minimal welding to the frame to keep the warping down. Just my thought...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      You don't need to grind it down, a little gap in places wont hurt a thing.