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Shoping for a welder

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  • Shoping for a welder

    I'm in the market for a welder. I want a wire feed mig to do body work and some frame work on trucks and cars. does anyone have any ideas on what i need or would best suit me. thanks

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    welding machines

    A Miller 210 MIG will do the job. If you want to build bigger stuff with your machine, then I suggest a larger model.

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      where you located?

      Where you located? Welcome to the forum!...yes the 210 gets great reviews.
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        What's your budget and level of experience? MM210 is an awesome choice for what you describe.


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          Mac, you keep talking good about the MM210 like that and you will end up with one.

          Ditto on the 210, fwiw.

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            welcome Clint

            check out great people and customer service
            welders drop shipped straight from Miller...GOOD Prices

            good luck


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              good welder

              I have a millermatic 251. I LOVE IT. I'm an amateur welder, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can't do with this machine. There are plenty of inexpensive machines, but here's the kicker:
              The more you pay, the better the machine AND more importantly, the more features you get. For a misfit like myself, the features are the key to welding like a pro. I'm fortunate to have a nice classified newspaper in my area and got an almost new machine for a great price with extra's like gigantic spools of various wire and a huge (near full) bottle of gas.
              A nice machine can almost last a lifetime so choose a good brand like Miller, check your budget and research just like you're doing.
              Good luck.


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                get one

                clint, Did u ever get a welder?
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                  Wire feed mig

                  I strongly recomend the miier 251mig or the miller 350 mig. I feel it is always better to buy more machine than you need because you never know what the future will bring. It is always better to have extra power than to not have enough power. Of course there is always that budget limit thing though.


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                    I use a Lincoln 175 plus alot for light stuff cause of its portability. The Millermatic 210 would do great if portability isn't an issue. I just bought a Miller Dynasty 200DX cause I wanted a tig and it will plug into anything.
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                      buy the mm210

                      I just purchased a Millermatic 210 and spoolgun package. Get it, as it is not that much more than the 175. As for the 251 or 350 much more expensive and if you want to weld aluminum the spool gun for the 251 is nearly a grand and ditto for the puch pull for the 350p. You can get a 210 with the spoolgun and tanks for the base price of the 251. This welder rocks, and as for the future, if you really need to upgrade later you can still get most of your money out of you first welder. Just one persepctive from sombody who does not have an unlimited supply of cash!!!


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                        I agree buy the biggest you can afford, but if you never weld anything big its a waste of money. For the cost difference on a 350 vs a 210 you could buy a plasma cutter.
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                          To buy or not to buy

                          I'm sorry to all the people that said matic210 this machine is okay
                          but you will be more than happy with the 251 this machine
                          will do what you want it to do and then some just in case
                          for instance I run Hobart xl-71 .045 with this machine..... check out