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    Hey everyone, just for quick introduction whilst im here. Im a College student enrolled in a Welding program. One of my shop classes are allowing us 10 weeks total, (1 class a week 3 hours long) to build ourselves something of our choice. Everyone is doing tables, chairs, fireplace. Something im not particularly interested in, for me that is too original and to put it simply, boring.

    I'm looking for fresh ideas, and perhaps some plans to go with it.

    I do have an idea or so. I had the thought of building a unicycle with a bike-style frame on it. The pictures below are Electrically powered unicycles where i got the idea from. I was thinking about building something similar but without the fancy computer equipment and stabilizers, maybe even thought of putting a small gas motor on it.

    This is my first time fabricating something so i am very new to it. If you guys had any help for ideas or to help me with the unicycle that would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to spend around $100-$150 on this project(Metal material not included) The metal materials are already covered by the school. However, i can not order stainless or aluminium or sheet metal. So basically mild steel.

    Click image for larger version

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    What about a flask? I copied the picture from welding projects on facebook. Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by skipnay View Post
      What about a flask? I copied the picture from welding projects on facebook. [ATTACH=CONFIG]33604[/ATTACH]
      i could realistically make that in a day or two. We have roughly 30 hours per person, and i am in a group of 3. So i would need something bigger, or harder to do. Thanks though, i may do this on my spare time.


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        How about a barstool racer.
        Harbor freight motor $100
        Centrifugal clutch off ebay $40
        wheels and misc.
        Plus metal and some serious fab time.

        Found this picture online for a description.
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          Amother Idea

          Without the "fancy computer equipment and stabilizers", any powered unicycle will be out of the question. You would need to make a pedal powered one.
          But you could build something two(or more) wheeled, that could be powered and ridden. How about something like this?

          Or maybe something like this if you are not too good at balancing.

          Look in the top right hand corner of this page for "Welding Projects", that's where these two came from, under "Recreation".
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            That ATV looks awesome. Looks like a fun project.
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              DGill, if you use one of these suggestions, be sure to take photos of the build and post them here. We need MORE welding project pictures and stories.


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                Aha that looks sick. Now im stuck between something like that little ATV or a small single person Viper style off road go kart. If any of you guys have some plans for either of the two that would help me so much.

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                  Could also build a utility trailer of some sort. Axle, wood for the floor and a hitch are relatively cheap and easy to find.


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                    So unfortunately my teacher will not allow me to build a little buggy. So i am back to building just a plain old pedal style unicycle. However, my teacher needs a material list by tomorrow.

                    I've been trying to find build plans all over but cant come across any. Went to unicycle store to make my own dimensions, but they are closed the next 2-3 weeks.

                    If you guys have any dimensions, blue prints or plans that would be fantastic.


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                      Originally posted by skipnay View Post
                      What about a flask? I copied the picture from welding projects on facebook. [ATTACH=CONFIG]33604[/ATTACH]
                      I love it! The bad news is the spices in Captain Morgan will react with the metal to produce a toxic liquid. It's only safe if kept very cold and filled with Dewars. I want you to send it to me for safe keeping.
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