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  • Offset BBQ pit

    Here are a few pics of an offset smoker I built over the summer. I figured I would show a little love for miller products as that is what I built it with. You can get a more detailed view of the pit build and some how to's on Texas BBQ forum under 4Mfarms as the author. Feel free to ask questions here too. If you want the painters contact information let me know. He's located in Burleson,Tx and paints anything and does unbelievable work. Enjoy, 4Mfarms

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    Took the last few photos this past week while it was still drying at the painters. Hopefully I get to pick it up shortly after new years.


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      Let's see some inside shots. I built a reverse flow last winter and I was looking at an offset reverse flow this winter with a small direct fired grill built into the top of the firebox. Nice work. Have you used it yet?
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        That thing is awsome! Nicest one ive seen yet! Great job!


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          Thanks Gingerboy.

          Here ya go Elvis. The pit is a traditional offset with tuning plates. However, I have the option to allow heat in above the grate similar to Jambo pits. I have not actually cooked on it yet but ran a few test runs before I sent it off to paint. I can get the vertical smoker up to 225 while the main chamber is at 275-300. It burns about one split every 45-60 mins when running at 250.

          Jambo style shown here with top damper open


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            Very nice...