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Anti Bird Grate for My Chimney

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  • Anti Bird Grate for My Chimney

    On Friday a murder of Noisy Minor birds started fighting outside my office window. The end result was one of them went down my fireplace chimney.
    I pulled the chinamens hat off but he was right down the bottom. I dropped a rope down to him and tied it off. A few hours later he was out.
    Today I had to make a grate to stop this from happening again.
    The flue is all stainless steel so I made the grate out of the same material.
    I did this by eye so it is off a little but I am good with it as I hope never to see it again. I do not like being on the roof.

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    That should keep the big guys out. Around here I get cow birds in the stove usually in the fall. I've never done anything to keep them out I just practise "catch and release". Time will tell if those horizontal "perches" will keep everything out or you end up with smaller captives. If you do perhaps vertical bars even if they don't reach the rain cap would discourage the birds. Good luck with it and I hope you don't have to go back onto the roof.---Meltedmetal


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      The ring I made is 6" diameter and the round bars are 1/4".
      So the gaps are only an inch.
      This is the first time this has happened in twenty years so hopefully it will be that long again.
      After I installed it I started to think that now there is some sort of a platform may be the birds might build a nest on the grate. I sure hope that does not happen. The Noisy Minor birds are from India not native to Australia but they are still protected here so we have to practice catch and release as well.

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        That will stop the big ones but for my corn stove I ended up using 1/2 in hardware wire (screen door material). I would put that on top of what you made(which looks very nice by the way). I used to get sparrows in the stove all the time along with nests in the top of the pipe.
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          Thanks for the kind words
          We have never had a bird problem before living in suburbia. We only see magpies, kookaburra and butcher birds which are all bigger than noisy minor birds and a lot smarter.

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