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    looking at used bobcats what is the difference between bobcat g and nt?

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    Im bumping this up to the top because I want to know too.
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      G is gasoline powered.

      I believe NT is New Technology.
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        Originally posted by blaze34 View Post
        looking at used bobcats what is the difference between bobcat g and nt?
        The 225 G has 8000 watts of AC output from the generator end and the 225 NT is 10,000 watts. As far as any difference in weld output, I don't think there is really much difference. I have used both of these welders before. Mine is a 225 G, and we have a 225 NT here at work.
        The G & NT are both gasoline powered, with a Kohler engine. My G has a 18 HP where as the NT is 20 HP.


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          We have a 224 NT and it only puts out 8,000 watts of 240 volt power, but that's enough to light every light both inside and outside of the house in a power failure - (a fun thing to do when the house is on the end of a peninsula in a lake and nobody has power anywhere around the shore of the lake). I'm not sure, but think the NT was added when they went to Silicon Diode Rectifiers and did away with the Selenium rectifiers. The rectifiers in our 225 NT are Silicon diodes.

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