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    Hi everyone,
    New member. I had a question in regards to built in pulsers. Can anyone explain in detail how this works. What advantages in aluminium welding may this bring.

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    Hi Wild Bill
    It's so odd that your user name is Wild Bill and you are asking questions about Syncrowave 200. My nickname in several environments is also Wild Bill - I got dubbed that by New Yorker friends when I moved from there to the southwest. I've just bought a Syncrowave 200, and when I saw your posts I thought for sure I had registered that name and then posted, and somehow forgot it. But not so.... enough about coincidences.

    I can't answer your questions, either about max thickness or pulser use. I'm brand new on this machine and on TIG in general. Actually, almost a complete beginner at all kinds of welding. I have a little MIG and stick experience (very little). Ask me in a few months, I'm looking forward to learning a lot on coming weekends.

    But meanwhile, I wanted to add my own question, which is more about HF/AC TIG than the Syncrowave specifically. The book says ground everything in sight, even sugg. It looks like a big enough job just in the room where the welder is, to bond all the metal racks, tables, machine tools, etc etc. But we're in a school, and the adjoining rooms have computers, phones, and so on that the book warns about interference from the HF. I'm hoping some of the readers of this message board can provide some practical experience about how comprehensive the grounding plan has to be, and what are the consequences for things that aren't grounded. Can nearby electronics be damaged? Interference with phone lines or computer networds? Are there RF shock/burn hazards for people in the area? For the welder op specifically? Any help/advice/warnings will be appreciated.

    another "wild bill" aka WizardOfAz but just Bill will do


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      The hobbyist responce

      Wild Bill,

      After much research I opted for a Dynasty 200DX for my hobby shop. I wanted to do SS, Alum. & mild steel. In laymans terms (what I understand) pulsing allows you to vary the heat applied to the weld zone somewhat independent of the basic parameter settings. In a balanced setup I tune the background amps. & peak amps and get constant heat appled to the weld zone. If I tweak the pulse to spend more time at the peak amp's I get more heat, like wise if I tune the pulse to spend more time at the background I get less heat. The difference here is that the peak heat remains the same, so by keeping the travel speed constant the HAZ deminishes, yet penetration and weld pool agitation still produce good results.



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        How is the Dynasty 200dx......does it pack a mean bang for the buck... I am thinking of going ahead and purchasing the same......I love the pricing of the syncrowave 200, but love all the features on the dynasty 200dx, what type of line power are you feeding the dynasty with........