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    Hi I was thinking about building a ring roller and I was thinking about what size bottle jack I will need.I will be doing a maximum of 3/4" round and square stock.And I will be doing a maximum of 4" by 1/4" flat.But I will be doing a large amount of 2" by 3/8" flat.Thanks.

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    me too

    I've been thinking about building a bender too only I'm leaning toward building one like a Milliken ( They go for like $4,000 so I figured I'd save a few bucks and make one only maybe a bit cruder in all likelyhood. What kind are you going to build? They sell some pretty cheap ones at Harbor Frieght but I am unsure of it's quality. I'm also looking to come up with a lever operated punch to cut 1/2" square holes for railing ballisters. The only one I've seen so far was in a Northern tools catalog. Seen any anywhere else? Sorry, I don't know about sizing jacks.
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