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I need final project ideas

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    I need final project ideas

    - you know when i did my trade school i had no cash at all... i mean ... 0

    what i have done is, find someone in my area that needed a trailer (construction) or some sorts and i draw him a schematic of what the trailer would look like and cost....

    i told him it was gonna be my final project at school and that it will cost him a fraction of the cost.... he agreed... so he paid for the materials and once the trailer was finished he gave me extra to cover the labour! so end up making few dollars on top of that...bonus!!
    a trailer for project is good cause it covers multiple aspect of your trade.... if your good at what you do ... u will get a good mark(promise)
    and i also had few others helping me out it helped them to get points as well!!!
    do quick research... lots of people are in need for such projects... run an ad on your local service advertising here kijiji would be great!
    think about it... make something and sell it for extra coins... then u got cash for other projects

    good luck