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Problem With A Regulator

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  • Problem With A Regulator

    I have a Smith regulator that came with my Miller 252. When the gas is turned on the tank the low pressure gauge slowly keeps rising. If the mig gun is triggered the pressure falls and I hear gas coming out of the gun. When the trigger is let off the low pressure gage continues to rise irrespective to the adjustment on the screw. When the gas is fully bled off the gage stays at 10 and will not return to zero. what is wrong with the gage?

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    Sounds like a leaky diaphragm. As for the gauge staying at 10 it could be a bent needle, dropped gauge, out of calibration.
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      As MMw says, it could certainly be a bad diaphragm.

      If you decide to replace the regulator, I suggest a flow meter such as a Smith or a Victor. I like the visual aspect of the floating ball. The regulator types are more difficult to read, at least in my opinion.

      I have a Victor flow meter on my Millermatic 252 and a Smith on the Syncrowave 200. Both of them were bought about 20 years ago and are still going strong.
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        Keep a Spare on Hand..

        Good illustration for why you should have a spare regulator on hand...
        even one of the $25 import ones with the ball flowmeter...

        Click image for larger version

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        Just put on the spare and send the defective one out for repair and recertification...

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          Pressure creeping up is usually debris in the orifice. You might try connecting the reg without the outlet hooked up and burping it a time or two. Otherwise go to the link I sent you on the SFT board.


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            Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. I have a ball style regulator as an extra. I will either get it fixed or attempt to do it myself.
            Thanks again,