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Carbon-Arc Gouging (Video)

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  • Carbon-Arc Gouging (Video)

    Goodafternoon, everyone!!

    Heres another video that I just thought I'd share...

    Recently, a buddy of mine drove down and we made a bunch of videos together, including this one, on Carbon-Arc gouging. It was a commonly requested video and not one I was setup to do, so I was really glad when we made this video with his Arc-Air setup.

    Anyway, we ran this off a MIG welder (HTP-brand) and it was a blast. Pete explains a little about carbon-arc gouging and cutting, then demonstrates it on a piece of scrap metal... It was awesome! Its loud, messy, and it moves a lot of metal in a hurry. I ran it some in High-School (and again in another video I'll post as soon as its edited), and I really liked it...

    Well, heres the video. Hope y'all like it