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Giant window that sinks into the ground

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  • Giant window that sinks into the ground

    This is a Youtube video Of a window that I built for a custom house. The window weighs about 1600#. It operates the same as an old single hung window, with counterweights inside a tube frame. The tube frame weighed in at about 3000#
    The window is still waiting for the hardware that will mechanically raise and lower it, but I couldn't resist shooting a quick shot of it moving. The counterweights are a little light as of the video by 60# or so, so the door is a little heavier to move up.

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    That's neat. I expected it to go up but down makes more sense when I think about it. Did you plan the background music or was that just chance?


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      I didn't even know there was sound, I had the volume on the computer down. That was just background noise at the site.


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        I liked the sound it adds to the atmosphere of the video. I almost expected Godzilla or aliens to appear outside the window. The window looks to move really smoothly especially for a piece that heavy I bet your customer is pleased.----Meltedmetal