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  • looking for plans

    Hi all
    just wondering if anyone knows were I can find plans for a chopper frame
    over the last 25 yrs I have built lots of cars now its time to try a bike
    any help would be great can't be too radical our rego laws here in OZ
    are a bit harder than the US
    thanks Guys

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    I saw some for sale on ebay, i think there was 2 different designs. If you build one, put a lot of time in a jig. It will pay off in the end. I am starting to build a jig to make scooter frames. Also making the bending dies for my Hossfeld bender to make the bends...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      thanks Bob

      i'll have a good look on ebay
      i agree totally in spending a lot of time in making a jig
      thats were my older brother will come in handie he builts
      racing chassis for Ford Australia in the V8 supercar class we have here
      and he will be my supplyer of chrome moly tube he just doesn't
      know it yet


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        This sounds like a good project so keep the pictures up to date on your progress. I just rescently bought and began riding my first motorcycle,and it could turn into a kinda funny chopper one day. Its a Kawasaki ninja250, did I mention it would be kinda funny!



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          Cool, Like pj said keep us posted with lots of pics or links...Bob
          Bob Wright