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Custom stainless fireplace

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  • Custom stainless fireplace

    well a few weeks ago i asked yall some questions about building a fireplace, come to find out this was a remodel and the fireplace insert was already there but it was in terrible shape. here are some pics of the job completed, replated/extended plated on walls, put in a new bottom pan, reworked the damper, build new clean out hatch, built new log gate & built stainless mantle

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    Looks good.


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      It looks nice. Not knowing much about installs on these I have a question. Is it normal to have the wood coming right to the edge of the opening? Assuming it was not cut away then the stainless is over the top of it? I would be concerned about fire.
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        Custom stainless fireplace

        i just moved the grate foward so you could see it in the pic, the fireplace was 36" deep so it wont be sitting that close when you are burning wood


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          Custom stainless fireplace


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            No matter how deep the firebox is the wall ARE going to get hot.
            Regardless of how deep the firebox is the walls are going to conduct heat and absorb radiant heat.
            I dare you to get a good fire going and touch the front of the firebox.
            If your osb runs tight to the opening and is just overlayed with stainless you are going to end up with a slow smolder which will not end up in a "real" fire until you have gone to bed for the night or have left for the day.
            It looks nice hoping you are being safe and not a forthcoming statistic.


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              Custom stainless fireplace

              it is all brick around it and the osb board was cut out 1 foot around it studs were replaced with metal studs and cement board is installed where the osb was


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                That sounds a lot better.
                Happy burning


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                  Originally posted by MMW View Post
                  Is it normal to have the wood coming right to the edge of the opening?
                  Originally posted by Waymack View Post

                  Right off the bat when I saw this picture I was concerned with the possibility of a fire long term.

                  Glad you replaced it with cement board and the wooden studs with metal studs. Sure beats having to worry about it in the future and second guessing yourself as to whether it would have been adequate in the long run without the extra fire prevention measures taken.