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Cast Iron Slab - table? Ideas? please

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  • Cast Iron Slab - table? Ideas? please

    I just picked up a cast iron slab, 3/8 thick plus a cross shape bracing and edges. It came off of something. Anyway, it only measures 21 inches by 30 inches. It has threaded holes 3/8", spread in rows, like a dozen of them total. One edge is set up to be like a reference edge, a piece of 1/4" bar like 3" high, with adjustments for flushness, molded into the cast. The adjustments are molded, not the bar. What do I do with this? Leave it here? Put legs on it? I feel it's just too small to make it a primary table. But it's way better than the piece of 1/4" 6" by 8" I have been using as a contact point.Click image for larger version

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    Sounds pretty sweet to me. Cast is usually pretty stable when it comes to warping and such. I would add legs and give her.


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      It all depends on the kind of work you do. If you need something like this make a table frame for it & use it. If you have no use for it sell it, give it away.

      You mention you have nothing now so I would reccomend using it until you get something that suits your needs better.
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