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  • TIG Torch holder

    I got sick and tired of having no place to put my torch when I am welding at home. Since I have a scratch-start unit (Miller Maxstar 150 STL) I have shy'd away from just placing the torch on the top of my work bench. It either slides off or somehow flips around, electrode side down and all of the sudden everything is arcing out. Here is my solution. Its made out of 3/16" stainless rod and slides easily over the edge of my work bench which is 1/4" plate. Now I dont have to worry about anything and its out of the way
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    1...that is awesome....2...I feel as though the scratch satert tig has been a little discouraged here given maybe the cost/ease of use of new equipment etc....I am still thinking of setting up for it....what are your thoughts?! Thanks in advance
    Miller Thunderbolt 225 AC/DC
    Millermatic 211 Auto/MVP


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      Setting up your work area should be the first job.
      Nice work.

      Grip it and Rip it


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        Cool ! It's all these little things that make a difference. I'm finally getting things done now that I retired.


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          That's awesome! Your fixture would be nice for any welding lead (not just tig). I'm trying to find a better way to organize my table in general... I may just go ahead and buy this organizer though.