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  • so far on truck

    I have only had about 4hrs all together on it. Planning on finishing today
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    Nice !


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      Looks good.


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        so far on truck

        Did u use a set of plans or just draw it up yourself ? Wanting to build a steel bed for my Dodge dully. Have a Alm. utility bed now but need more room & the Reamers I rebuild are very heavy, tearing up the Alm.


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          Weldonwelding, Is this truck for yourself, Do we have a new rig in the works.


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            I still have the headache rack and a couple braces to do but I'm doing them tomorrow. And I'm also building an alum. Frame for the welder with detachable wheels and lead racks that just locks in the bed.
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              Originally posted by gnforge:305367
              Did u use a set of plans or just draw it up yourself ? Wanting to build a steel bed for my Dodge dully. Have a Alm. utility bed now but need more room & the Reamers I rebuild are very heavy, tearing up the Alm.
              This is about the 10th one I built but the first on a half ton short bed. Its all in my head now but I do have a couple sets of drawings in the office somewhere. If you need a good design let me know and I will find em for ya and email em


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                Also... the aluminum is going to be covered and sealed with really good plexiglas so it doesn't scratch as much


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                  so far on truck

                  Thank you. Weldonwelding, I work with a guy that has a Chev with a bed I like, I may just measure and adpt to my Dodge. Ill let u know if need them. Thx.
                  Also I bought a Alm utility type bed from Alum-line In 2006 and they sprayed it with some type of clear called shark skin. Alum stayed like new for 5 years. I'm gona try & find that stuff really prolonged looks & life of bed.


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                    Not sure what ya got for rear suspension but if it's stock you should look into airbag helpers. I have them on mine & it's great to dial in for different weights.
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                      I don't put a lot of weight on this truck but it does have helper springs. I use the f350 or a trailer when I have weight


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                        Weldon welding, where are your tanks going to go.

                        Are you building that to go out on the pipe line.


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                          Weldonwelding, I thought you did the same type of work as me ( I'm just a General welder not specialized in any one thing )

                          You should keep your eye out for a truck with a service crane on it and a rack the full length of the truck to haul ladders and long lengths of steel.

                          I know putting a crane on my truck let me expand my horizons, There are alot of jobs I get just because I have a crane.

                          You can find used service trucks with a crane for about $ 10,000.00

                          Just something to think about for the future, I remember being new in business and how tight money was.

                          The new bed does look nice and I'm sure there are a few Pipe Line guys that would love to have a bed like that.

                          A truck like yours is great for the pipe line because its short and can turn around easy. ( Provided its 4 wheel drive. )

                          If I showed up with my truck on a pipe line they would laugh at me I'm to heavy, to long and not 4wd.


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                            Yes, nice and weight savings can be a real deal anymore. The trend has been bigger and bigger and my next truck is going to be single wheel heavy 3/4 or 1T. So much of the tooling is lighter and I plain out need less as i get older, I am about 10 times better tossin off stuff I really do not use and making it all do double duty and as light as sufficient.

                            My 20K truck is really a gang box, battery tools have come so far it reduces the need for so much. I remember, heavy truck with genset replaced by pickup with inverter and now just the tool with a battery.

                            I agree with Portable about the crane, it would be on my short list. I was going to put one on my truck, have a place ready to bolt on and never found the time deal and accesssess to other cranes and equipment, it was coming and then I replaced another flat bed with one with Hiab knuckle boom, almost perfect for my job. Not quite as good for erecktion, its like a super pair of vise grips conveniently stashed.

                            I don'tl dont have one on my service trucdon'tt dont need it, use this 10X, pic and haul. Only thing that would make it better is one class heavier crane. I get by but I am a pproficientccient rigger and a lot of it can be just marginal, a pinch more wouldn'touldnt hurt a thing.


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                              They would think I was a joke with any of my stuff.