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    Thx, interesting stuff!


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      Nice work and thanks for sharing your info.MMW ,gotta coment on Portables reply and cudos to his remark that reminds us why we are in the buisness,I know sometimes its tempting to buy a factory welded item and with a little rework on our part we can resale thier item and make some money to boot,maybe even more.And in some ways it does make more buisness sense,Trailor hitches are a good example.I use to build them all from scratch,same way with the goose neck and 5th wheel camper setups for pickups.Now if I choose I can just order one,bolt it up,to specks of course and send them down the road.Since I do more Ornamental Iron these days I prefer to do all my own iron work as opposed to buying it out of Texas or elsewhere and I know they offer quality items,and I'm not talking about cold bent scrolls etc.I have a coal forge,parked right beside my plazma cutter.Also use a gas forge,MIG,Tig,O/A and stick.along with other useful eq.benders,rollers etc.I know several other shop owners who claim its more profitble to buy out than to fab it themselves and then complain about thier customers buying imports,Whose to blame?How are we old guys( if your reading this) expect the young guys to learn if were not doing it ourselves.I see young guys starving to learn just as we were.BTW average age of an American welder is 58 Im still below average,not by much though.Sorry to rant on your thread MMW it is nice work though...


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        Yea....CO2 is the way to go. The tensile strength is slightly less than with c25 but the ductility is better......what u want with a bucket. I love the 777 1/16" with co2....
        Originally posted by MMW View Post
        Explanation of equipment & wires. Short story made long.

        This construction company rented half of their building out to the fab shop that I worked for from 86 to 09. When the fab shop went out of business the construction company basically bought the equipment from my bay. 3 ton gantry crane, Delta weld 452, 22a feeder, old Lincoln Idealarc 300/300 stick machine & an ESAB plasma. When I do work for them in their shop it's like coming home for me, just that I'm on the other side of the wall.

        So the wire question -- They had about 30# of TriMark 777 on the feeder when I got there. I used that up & then stuck on a spool of ESAB 7100 ultra which is what I normally use. The wires run very similar, it's just that we use two different suppliers who stock different wires. As far as gas, I used co2 until their bottle ran out & then had to use 75/25 which I had with me until they replaced it the next day. I prefer co2 with these two wires but 75/25 is acceptable.