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Building a Custom Bench-Vise of Awesomeness from Scrap Metal (Videos)

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  • Building a Custom Bench-Vise of Awesomeness from Scrap Metal (Videos)

    Goodafternoon, everyone!!

    Last summer I managed to break my trusty Craftsman bench vise... I took it back to sears, they informed me that their vises don't carry the lifetime warranty, so I was on my own.

    I looked around online... I didnt want a cheaply made vise, been there done that... I found a few good ones that I really liked, but they were all in the $700+ range, WAY out of my price range...

    But I knew I could work something out... Craigslist was a disappointment (WELL used, beat up, and 3/4 the price of new), so that fell through as well...

    And after a little time spent online, I thought to myself "Why not just make one? I mean, there isnt much to a vise, is there?"

    I took the ole' craftsman apart piece by piece and sure enough, nope, this isnt too complicated. Granted I *have* screwed up simpler things (I once literally broke a hammar) I felt like this was a project that was well within my abilities...

    So, I drove out to the city and bought some steel, ranging in thickness from 1/4" to 3/4", a ratchet and nice Kobalt socket, a couple feet of threaded rod, and some various random hardware.

    I came home, and promptly put the project on the backburner...

    And there it sat until a couple weeks ago. Something came up and I set it aside, and then I just... Well, never got back to it. I welded up a nice Chas Parker vise that I bought for next to nothing last fall, and I'd just been using that in the mean time...

    But I already had everything, so I wrapped the whole project up in a weekend.

    Long story short, I'm VERY happy with how this project came out:

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    I made a BIG vise, 8" jaws and probably 50-60 pounds of steel... I got to use my new MIG welder, and have something else for the shop that I'd wanted for a long time... And people on YouTube really seem to be enjoying the build videos as well...

    Anyway, just thought I'd share my latest project with yall, hope you like it...

    Have an awesome weekend, everyone


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      Building a Custom Bench-Vise of Awesomeness from Scrap Metal (Videos)

      Your videos are pretty cool man keep up the good work


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        Great video and how-to. Cute lamb, too.

        How about welding a piece of pipe with a sliding through rod to that nut on the screw, like most vises have?
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          Originally posted by Goodhand View Post
          How about welding a piece of pipe with a sliding through rod to that nut on the screw, like most vises have?
          I was thinking the same thing.

          You could even take a piece of thick plate and use your plasma to cut a square hole to fit your impact and weld that piece of plate to the end of a pipe that is welded to your nut on the screw.

          Then you would have a rod through the pipe to manually tighten/loosen the vise and you would have a hole that your impact would fit in to use it to tighten/loosen the vise as well.

          Also wondered why you didn't put a stop on the rod to cause the vise to open when you were loosening the screw. That way you wouldn't have to loosen the screw and then yank on the vise to see how far it will open each time.
          Might be appreciated if your doing a lot of small pieces in and out and you don't want to be yanking on that big vise each time to open it.

          Great video. What is your thoughts on the Bessey and Yost vises like these?

          Is Bessey poor quality since they are much cheaper?

          I noticed Yost has lots of types:
          Structural Cast Steel
          Gray Iron
          Cast Iron
          Ductile Iron

          Is one type much better than the others?
          I plan on using it like an anvil as well as clamping and bending things with it like for destructive testing weld plates.
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