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Home made desicant air dryer?

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  • Home made desicant air dryer?

    I've been thinking of building one...just wondered if anyone has and any suggestions.

    I was going to use an old portable air tank I've got laying around. Mount it to the wall tank ends up and down. Weld a pipe through the side with diffuser holes drilled along its length with the pipe end capped. Weld it close to the bottom of the tank and this would be the air inlet from the compressor.

    The tank has an outlet already at what would be the top side of the tank. I would cut a hole on the top end and weld in a large pipe female fitting. I am thinking of using silica gel cat litter. Its 98% silica and a 12 lb tub is only about 20 bucks. Its not color changing but as best I can tell does the same thing and should be reusable if poured out and heated in an oven at 250.

    Anyway...pour in the cat litter... thread in a pipe plug with Teflon tape to seal it and that should be it. I figure I'll build a stainless wool filter at the outlet as a first pass filter. Then a standard off the shelf air filter and a gauge to monitor any pressure drop.

    I would think 12 lbs will take some time to fully saturate with moisture.

    Any thoughts?

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