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Securing welding skid

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  • Securing welding skid

    I just started my welding skid for my truck and was wondering the best way to secure it to my box, any suggestions would help thanks

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    I don't have one of these or a truck at the moment so feel free to disregard my opinions. The "best" way in my opinion is to use anchors attached directly to the frame of the truck. I don't know what your truck box is like but you might consider constructing an anchoring system similar to the quick change 5th wheel systems that locks in with a couple of pins and/or a padlock. Heaven forbid you are ever in a serious collision but it would not be nice to see that skid airborne or trying to get into the front seat via the window in the back of the cab. Some pickup boxes have anchor points built in but they are insufficient to hold down something really heavy in a serious crash. Just a sleepy Saturday morning opinion I'm sure more experienced minds will chime in.


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      after trial and error, i used pressure treated 2x4 under the frame of my skid. and i bolted thru them into the box only of my truck. on the under side of the box, the bolts were as closed as possible the factory box mounts as possible and directly above the truck frame. i used large plates as washers on the underside as well. this seemed to work well for 6 years till i bought a deck.. hope this helps.


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        IMO the idea of a skid is to be able to remove it fairly easily to free up the bed for other uses.

        I would use a d-ring in each corner of the bed & have two chains permanently attached to the skid in the front that are the correct length. Hook them to the d-rings & then use two ratchet straps in the back to tighten it all up.
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