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  • going watercooled

    Hi all

    I'm going to a water cooled tourch, so I'm building a tank and cooler system. What size pump would you recommend? I have a submersible pump that I could use but I know they generate a lot of heat, not really what I want.

    Any ideas?

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    Check out the spec sheet for the miller coolmate coolers. I believe they list the flow rate as one of their specs.
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      I would be interested to see what you come with. I would like to switch to a water cooled torch and build my own tank. The pump and a small radiator system can't be to hard to put together.


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        Do a search on this site for "procon pump". It will give you lots of reading. You can also search for "tig cooler" or homemade tig cooler".
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          You will need a positive displacement pump. A centrifugal pump such as a submersible pump won't build enough pressure to force an adequate amount of coolant through the 1/4" hoses and torch. If you have inadequate coolant flow you will melt your torch and coolant lines very quickly.

          A Procon pump is ideal for use as a TIG cooler. You can search for a "Carbonator" on Craigslist, or Ebay and find used ones for $100 or less, or go to places that sell and service soda fountain equipment near you. A "Carbonator" is a small unit usually just a plate with a 2 gallon stainless tank and a Procon pump connected to a 1/3 or 1/2 hp electric motor mounted on it. They are used to insert CO2 gas into tap water to make the soda fizz. These units are frequently removed from service when new fountain equipment is installed, and are declared surplus even though there is nothing wrong with them. I left my carbonator intact, and just changed the plumbing connections, removed the tank level controls, and added an automotive transmission cooler and muffin fans. You will need 40-50 psi of coolant pressure and a flow rate of about 4 gpm to cool your torch. My DIY cooler has been in use for over 3 years without any problems. I have about $200 invested in the parts.

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            going watercooled

            Finding a used one will prob be cheaper then building one I just picked up a coolmate 3 dirt cheap


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              The ebay procon pumps removed from soda machines will work good but be aware that the psi is set 170-200 the stainless ones are for cO2 and a good many of them have no filter screens inside them look for the ones with two brass caps. One is psi adjustment the other is the filter screen