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garage Elevator Man lift project

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    Nowhere did I call anybody stupid, work on your reading comprehension .

    I never said you did. maybe your comprehension is not what you think
    Miller 252 Mig
    Miller Cricket XL
    Millermatic 150 Mig
    Miller Syncrowave 200 Tig
    2-O/A outfits
    Jet Lathe and Mill
    Jet 7x12 horz/vert band saw
    DeWalt Multi Cutter metal saw
    Century 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
    20 ton electric/hydraulic vertical press
    Propane Forge
    60" X 60" router/plasma table
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      Final Warning

      If there are any more disrespectful posts on this thread not addressing the original poster's question, we will start to delete posts and ban users.


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        garage Elevator Man lift project

        Willy yes thanks for the PM/apology!

        I also apologize for any "rudeness"


        I am trying to learn; in professional forums such as this one where there is a wealth of knowledge!

        You assume I will "small size MIG" stick everything together...

        I know for structural it should and will be welded by stick 7014/7018; yes I do have a stick welder AC/DC 225/150 and although not CWB certified I have built many trailers, repaired equipment without failures. I tend to overbuild things.

        Anyway thanks for the helpful replies so far!


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          lighten up guys

          Come on you guys. Dont be so critical. When can all learn from each other.


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            This was posted on another site. Elevator


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              Will check back next year

              Originally posted by monte55 View Post
              Some of you guys have been very rude. If you do not want to help and just be an ass...stay out of it. Do you want this to be another SFT
              I quit reading and regularly posting here about two years ago because of the rudeness of several members and the general lack of helpfulness/encouragement exhibited in many posts. I check back about once a year to see if things have changed. This year is worse than last. I might log in next year and check again.


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                To help or not to help

                It is easy to understand why guys making a living out of welding are reluctant about elevators.

                Not having enough of murphy's law, newton's law plus human factor have to be added when elevators are the topic.

                Add to that building codes, safety, insurances etc... you have the perfect thing to stay away from.

                However we all seen one somewhere and it is possible to make one , make a lot of research and have the proper electrical and mechanical protections good design and some more stupid proofing combined with over load/travel protection and...ahhhhh get a hoist ;o)