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Just a shelf - but my first actual project

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  • Just a shelf - but my first actual project

    So - out of work - so while 'waiting for a call' I built a shelf to fit on top of a second toolbox I have in the garage. Just 1" angle (1/8"), some 3" plate (1/8") and a piece of perforated sheet (actually 14 gauge with .5" holes). I'm satisfied - it's level and square - now I just need to spray it - planning on flat black. One pic of the shelf and one of it 'in place' (not yet sprayed). I used a nice, borrowed Bosch circular saw to cut, a Craftsman angle grinder to cut/debur, a Dremmel to do some finer deburring and my MM211 on 110V with flux core .030 wire.
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    Miller Thunderbolt 225 AC/DC
    Millermatic 211 Auto/MVP

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    Looks great! Oh the places you'll go! So what do you have planned next?
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      Good work. Looks like it fits great. Have you mig welded before?


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        Very nice. Whats next? How do u like the new welder (211) ?


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          Thanks all. I completed a night, 12 session hobby course this fall. Got the bug. Bought two welders. Found a nice source for good priced steel thanks to JMK. Have some ideas about what's next - not quite sure though.

          Outside of welding in the class (Mig, Stick, TIG) this is the first 'adventure' I took on. "Oh the places you go" is's pretty nice to actually 'make' something......and use it.

          Thx to EVERYone on this board who's so supportive.....getting "down that road" is just a little sweeter!

          Joe - love the MM211 - it was flawless for me.

          The class - liked it a ton ... in fact, it was so nice, I decided to take it twice. Signed up for the spring session - hey - 3hrs, once a week...GUARANTEED to be practicing...why not!
          Miller Thunderbolt 225 AC/DC
          Millermatic 211 Auto/MVP


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            Did pretty much the same class type last summer. Liked it so much I start an advanced MIG class starting next week. Also bought a 211.
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