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Spoolgun or Tig welder

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    I've never welded with a spool gun and I'm not an expert on strength of TIG vs. MIG. But here is what I do know:
    Tig is much slower than Mig and you have some length to cover. It will take forever to Tig.
    If you Tig it, you will become an excellent Tig welder.
    If you buy a Syncro 250 (I have one) you will love it and find all kinds of things to Tig with it.
    It's a boat for gosh sake, My Kirkey drag race seat is Mig welded and I place my life in it. I think Mig is sufficient, but you do have other things to base your choice on.


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      your absolutly right about it just being a boat issue. I purchased a Sycrowave 200 over the spoolgun due several up coming projects involving SS. I'm very happy with the 200 so far, forgot alot about Tig welding, its going to take me a little time to get every weld looking good. Thanks for your input.
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