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Suggestions on building a Jib Crane for my truck

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  • Suggestions on building a Jib Crane for my truck

    I have a 1996 F800 truck and I would like to build a jib crane for the bed. I am looking for something that will lift at least 2000 lbs and I would like to attach an electric winch to it. Has anyone out there ever made one of these? Do any of you have any designs or suggestions? I would love to see some images. I have attached a image of the truck here. Thanks!

    Click image for larger version

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    Depending on your access to junk trucks you can get good stuff off old bucket trucks. I passed a truck on I-66 today set up like yours. Nice rig.


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      Thats a nice truck....Bob
      Bob Wright

      Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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        Yes, nice. As good or better a knuckle boom.


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          It's not quite 2Kip, and it's not an F800, but it's functional:

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