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    I'm a total novice at stick welding, but one thing I've noticed is that some rods word better than others. For example, I have these very old Craftsman 7014 Contact rods (looks like they were manufactured in the ,70's based on the package printing) that were never sealed in a air-tight container and weld perfectly. Arc starts just by tapping the metal and if I lift the rod off the workpiece, it seems I never loose the arc. On the other hand, I have new contact rods that are hard to start and leave a horrible weld bead - and I keep these rods in a sealed container with dessicant! I thought specs are specs. If it's a 7014, then it must be 7014, but anyone know why there are differences among manufacturers?

    Even with my new 6011's. Hard to start and even harder to maintain the arc. I always end up using the old 7014 Craftsman rods because they work. Too bad I only have like 4 rods left.

    It's an AC welder.. I realize I'm a novice, but why does it seem these Craftsman rods outperform all the others?
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    are the new rods 7014ac? there are specail rods for ac welding sume will do ac and dc but i would check that first look on this site. i think theres a chart for rods and settings.
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      Some rods weld different than others. I would try some Hobart 7014 and see how those work. 7014 works AC or DC with either polarity. So make sure your cables are hooked up the same each time because 7014 will weld anyway you hook them up. Either electrode positive or neg it will weld...Bob
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        if you new to stick welding i recomend begining with 6013 rod

        and just to say the numbers tell alot

        first 2 represent the tencil strength

        the next represents the position of the weld

        and the last represent the gas (or flux) on the stick

        any questions send an email [email protected]