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Miller CP 200 3 phase to single phase help??

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  • Miller CP 200 3 phase to single phase help??

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this site and need some help. I bought a used Miller CP 200 welder, Serial # JE795169, has Millermatic S-52e wire feed set up to run 3 phase. I do not have 3 phase in my pole barn, I DO have 220 hook up. I was checking on transformer and was expensive . I have heard that I can rewire this 3 phase into single phase to run on my standard 220 set up.. Can anyone help with this, or send me to site that would explain how to rewire ?? I do not have a manual for this machine, Inside of side cover has electrical diagrams ( 2 ) but I do not know how to go by these to rewire unit.. Any help would be appreciate......Thanks - Bill W.

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    You cannot rewire this unit to single-phase. I own one also. It's in storage until I have 3-phase power again.

    It is not recommended to run this unit with a phase converter either, though I have heard reports of some doing it.


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      3 phase power

      Hello, Thank you for your input. I just had 100 amp power hooked up to my pole barn, What what I have heard, if I want 3 phase power I would have to have another power line run to my barn ??? from the power Co. is that correct ?? thanks again, Bill


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        Yes, it will require 3 wires (plus the neutral), at least one of which will have to come all the way from the nearest pole that has 3-phase available. It will also require that they replace your transformer with a 3-phase. Everything involved is usually expensive, and sometimes they just say no.
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          I know this thread is really old, but thought I'd toss in a little update...

          Originally posted by MAC702 View Post
          You cannot rewire this unit to single-phase.

          It CAN be run, with full output and excellent results, off of single-phase. It takes a LITTLE MORE than rewiring, but not a difficult job. Here's how:

          Hi All! Everyone knows that you can't convert a Miller CP-200 to run on 240v single phase... So here's how you can't do it, in before-and-after diagrams.


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            Hey Dave good to see you on the clean side of town.