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    How much psi are you running? I found on my thermal dynamics running it around 70 psi was best for 1/8th inch.


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      60 psi at the cutter, as per manufacturer's instructions. Compressor set at 80 psi.

      The parts container door built into my spectrum 375 has a diagram on it showing the exploded view with part no. for the drag tip.


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        Spectrum 375

        Originally posted by HiHo View Post
        60 psi at the cutter, as per manufacturer's instructions. Compressor set at 80 psi.

        The parts container door built into my spectrum 375 has a diagram on it showing the exploded view with part no. for the drag tip.
        The guys are telling you right: the cutter will do all of what you want it to do. A couple of things have been said that I'd repeat:

        Clean Air - using an inline drier is essential. The drier will cause a pressure drop, so you'll have to "up" your source pressure. Search for TS-OffRoad's post on this for some insights. My compressor has a drier on it, but after 50' of hose it wants another one close to--or on the back of--the machine. A little moisture makes the arc unstable, and creates unnecessary slag.

        Speed of Cut - Practice makes perfect. Scrap sheets, trying different stand-off distances, different speeds, different power settings, etc.

        Duty Cycle - It really does matter. Treat the machine right and it'll treat you right.

        Auto-Darkening - Works great. Mine doesn't trigger when the work blocks the arc itself, and turns on as soon as the arc is in view. Speaking for myself, this works well when I'm destructing and don't know what will open next.

        Your neighbor's car? I'd suggest a welding blanket hung on a cheap wooden clothes rack.

        I don't use a drag tip with my 375 because it increases the arc length enough to lose a little cutting power. For thinner materials than what I've been cutting, though, it might help.

        I also don't understand your wiring situation. I have the Extreme, which has two plugs: 110/120V and 220/240V, auto line and auto volt sensing. I've taken the unit to remote sites and plugged into 110V and had the unit work just as sweetly as in my shop. Did your unit come hardwired for a single voltage?

        A little promo for Miller here: Other cutters may be better/more powerful, etc., but the Little Blue will do the job. I needed an engine for my Toyota pickup, and it was cost effective to buy a whole rollover vehicle and strip it. Last weekend I pulled the engine and put it on the engine stand to rebuild. I then set about putting the rest of the truck on the bed of my Toy pickup for the trip to the recyclers, a piece at a time. A couple of frame pieces with internal reinforcement needed help from the sawzall ("S" shaped, too far inside for the arc to reach), but everything else . . . including the torsion bars . . . succumbed to my Little Blue. By pacing myself right I never once heard the cooling fan kick in. (I'm waiting for the last payment on my insurance policy before I cut up the gas tank, though.) The tip, by the way, is still clean and round.

        Give yourself some time to play with the machine, and I think you'll love it!



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          Have to agree with previous posts. Air quality is very important. I've got a buddy who runs a welding supply store. He has a Thermal Dynamics power pack 350? plasma cutter with an 80 gal IR compressor in his shop. We use the heck out of that plasma cutter and even though his consumables are basically free, he is always harping on air quality. He also has two air dryers.

          As for a compressor I too work out of a two car car garage. Don't have a plasma yet since I can't decide on a compressor. I have 230v 30amp circuit for my mig but really can't park a compressor in the same location. Looking at one of the 30 gallon pulley compressors for garages. Lowes carryies one (Kobalt), so does Home depot (Husky?) I believe. IR makes one called the garage mate although I beleive the motor has less hp and flow rate than the other two. All work on 115v circuits.

          Anybody have a similar setup?
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            I used my 375 for about 2 months with a 1.5 hp 20 gal compressor and got frustrated with it. I switched my air supply to a 5hp 80 gal comp with 2 in-line dryers and it was like getting a new cutter. I was shocked at the improvements. It stinks but Plasma Cutter's are air hog's. It also has more to do with volume than pressure in my opinion.
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