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how to make welding stand for coupons?

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  • how to make welding stand for coupons?

    I've been watching you tube videos lately, and seen welding school shops and in their booths they had posts with a small steel table and then adjustable arms to move to where you like. I know the generally jist of them. I would like to fab one up for myself to work on vertical welding and to try overhead. But I don't know how to make the clamping mechanism to hold the steel. And to be able to hold metal for butt welds fillets and others, I have not seen one up close, so I would like to know how they clamp the metal so i can make one of my own, any help or pictures would be great! Thanks for your time!

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    The ones I've seen lately just have a spring-clamp that is welded to the arm.
    Some of them use "C" Clamps on the arm.
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      Just tack some bars together to suit ur needs


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        how to make welding stand for coupons?

        The ones we use have the table top that's adjustable in height and also another sleeve over the center pipe with a piece of pipe attached. Tack your coupons to the pipe and use the table to steady yourself for overhead practice.