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Dynasty 200DX + Readywelder (spool gun)?

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  • Dynasty 200DX + Readywelder (spool gun)?

    Does anyone see a reason why this would not work? For those who are not familiar, the Readywelder ( is a MIG spool gun designed to run on batteries setup in series to provide 18, 24 or 36 volts, and apparently, it can run on Constant Current power supplies, as long as they don't exceed 48v. According to the FAQ

    "5. Can I connect the RW-II to my Miller/Lincoln etc MIG or ARC welder to use as a "spool gun" attachment?

    Answer: Quite possibly. The RW-II was designed for pure DC and does not tolerate AC, voltage spikes or input levels which exceed 48 volts. The circuit board brain of the RW-II is very sensitive to waveform distortions as well. Welding machines with "constant voltage" and/or "constant current" DC outputs which can be adjusted to levels between 24 and 36 volts DC, may work just fine, but keep in mind that the RW-II was designed for batteries and any other power source may cause problems."

    Any thoughts on this? I have one, and if it works with the Dynasty 200 DX I think I'll keep it, but I'd hate to fry it if it doesn't work.

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