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Stick welding slag removal.

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  • Stick welding slag removal.

    Is there a reason why slag is easily removed and then when it is hard too remove. I used about 25 rods of 6013 yesterday on a project. Flat welding it came away easily for 90% of the time but when corner welding, it took a lot of cleaning. I did not bother changing the amount of heat, when going from flat to a corner, I was just building two fire wood holders and felt it would be ok, but now I wonder if this was the reason for my troubles.
    I have started using the stick method as much as possible, the price of gas is over the top and when working outside, stick is an obvious choice for me.
    Thank you for any help in advance.

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    You're probably going to need more heat in corners, or else your weld will be colder than it is in non-corners with the same amperage. I suspect that's the cause of your difficult-to-remove slag issue. You might be getting some slag inclusion. It's also harder to wire-brush the slag out of corners, too...


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      Try a somewhat faster travel speed.