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  • Cutting

    I have a similar question, I'm getting ready to cut into a large Butane tank to make a BBQ pit on a trailer. My problem is I've never cut into a butane take before and dont want to blow up my shop, me included!! Any ideas how to clear the fumes from the tank prior to hitting it with the Torch/Plasma cutter?

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    Do a search. Look for oil drum cutting our something along those lines. Be very careful as this is very dangerous.


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      Read more on this, you will hurt yourself. I repair gas tank on boats and fab new ones and your playing with your life here. Do more reading on this forum and on the internet. Good luck


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        I agree this is a life or death kind of thing.
        If you miunderstand one thing on the step by step directions You might Die.

        If you fill it up with water and use that trick, but you dont cut right away and the fumes come out of the pores over a days time you could still have an explosion.

        When you fill it up with water could there be a hidden baffle that does'nt fully let it fill with water.

        If you run a purge of a inert gas how do you know that you purged it enouph.

        I weld on tanks all the time and for me its not risky because because I've got 29 years of experience and the know how.

        So I'm hesitant to give you advise on this matter because I've had to many guys misunderstand what I told them.

        I'd really recommend taking it to a shop thats done this type of stuff before.

        BBQ's are cheap compared to what your life is worth.


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          I deleted my earlier post. The others are correct. This is just too dangerous. I work with people that inert pressure vessels. They did calculations for me on how to purge. So I did that about 10 times over, just to be sure. Then tested what was in the tank.

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            stick a fuse in it and light and run. If it doesn't blow, you should be good to go.
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              Thank for the info and your concern. I'm just gona use some 30" pipe instead. I knew there was a reason those tanks were so cheap.


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                I for one aint telling how they are done where they scrap them, ha


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                  I would drill it make a pilot hole run my torch over it if it don't go boom go for it.... It will make a nice pit go for it


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                    Have it steamed out. Thatbis the safest way