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Running Mig welder off a generator

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    I would let it go for $700.00 it is in good shape. But shipping will kill you....
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      Michael (diesel mechanic)

      I just orderd an enine driven welder. I orderd the traailblazer 302. I am a diesel mechanic and I started doing services outside of my shop. After researching the Trailblazer 302 looks like the way to go for mobile welding.


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        Bobcat 225 for $2600 is a steal.

        The Bobcat 225 is $3677.00 Miller List and selling for $2902 + change at It is a wonderful generator/welder. It would run the MM200 no problem, with the correct plug. I would get the Bobcat and keep the MM 200 and sell the lincoln 225 especially if the Miller Rep is willing to sell the Bobcat at $2600.00, an absolute steal.

        The portability of the MM200 with bottle, especially if larger than 120 cu. ft. would be problematic. Also, the use of MIG out in the field is a problem with any kind of wind blowing. I use a MM200 in the shop all the time and have to be very aware of the wind conditions outside, especially here in the Texas Panhandle. Shield gas and moving air do not mix. But if you are seting up a trailer to haul a welder(s) on you may also be hauling oxygen and accetylene as well, another bottle wouldn't be hard to accomodate.

        The Bobcat 225 is already setup to run MIG/TIG and AC/DC Stick in its design. The mig option is really meant to be accomplished by use of a Suitcase feeder such as the 8VS or X-Treme 12VS, not plugging in a fully integrated machine as the Millermatic 200. The Bobcat does have the power to run the MM200, so that really shouldn't be a problem.

        This of course is my $0.02.
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