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New welding shop tube heater

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    Shop heaters.
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      I'd better stick with the first one you showed, The second one might be a little to HOT to keep around. ( Not to mention how cold my bed would be when my wife discovers the new heater. )

      I'm sure the 1 st one would be way cheaper to operate.

      Sberry, A mistake I made with my wood stove was that I wanted a pipe that would last for ever so I used a pc. of 6 x 6 x 3/16" structural tube and because it was so heavy it took alot to heat up and a cold pipe wont draft as well as a thinner one.

      I'm going to have to make a bigger stove for the new shop.


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        I used heavy wall for mine, cause I could get it, 8 inch casing. It works pretty good, I insulated it with fiberglass, hit it with a hammer to clean it. At the time I had a crane, cut hole in roof and set it thru. I am sure there is some waste, don't care. I want to build a new stove one of these days, this was a toss together deal, I wasted a little time on a couple things that didn't work out, would like to put grates and a pan in but this holds coals if taken care of, don't have to do restarts.

        Also if I was to do it again might replace the front with a big flat plate like I saw others and cut the sides out, about 3x4, weld right stiffeners and brackets to it on heavier plate, 1/4 or so and weld back in, only real reason this warp up so bad is I really roast some garbage in this thing. It was sposed to be temporary but worked well enough neverer replace or upgrade it, love the big door.


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          I have ceiling fan over it and on occasion hang a blower and makeshift duct in winter and can blow heat directional. Can even blow under cars trucks in winter on drain pad for de-icing, can hot pressure wash outside, cut the crud off, pull in, blow dry, especially overnight, crispy as a cracker in the morning.

          On occasion I do customer car/pickup repair, cherry pick type things, have them drop off night before, wash, dry, it was a particular feature I knew I wanted when I built a new shop, was tired of winter time crap, I made a good way to deal with it.