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Workbench - Video Tutorial

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  • Workbench - Video Tutorial

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share this video I made a while back with you. It provides detailed plans on how to build your own welding workbench! Please let me know what you think.


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    I liked it. no need to make an hour video on a small table. I thought it was very simple to fallow for the beginer trying to build his own table with lots of time saving tips like not weliding all the way to the corners and not welding the top on solid. my only criticism is not about the video rather the design; Why only 1/8'' thick legs? 1/8" is awful flimsy and like it would allow the table to twist and torque? Seems like they could atleast use some crossmembers from leg to leg.
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      Workbench - Video Tutorial


      I thought that video was excellent, with good video quality and good editing.

      As was stated previously stated, there were some really great tips, like setting legs square and stitch welding the top on the frame.

      Vey well done.

      Are you going to make additional videos?

      One thing that I think needs to be addressed is how to weld to minimize warpage and good procedures to keep things square when welding. Just an idea...

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        Workbench - Video Tutorial

        Very well done!