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  • The Community Service Project

    Hey everyone!!

    So, recently, I became a high school graduate!!!

    And words can't describe how happy I am to finally have that experience behind me.

    Anyway, here in the great state of Ohio, one of our graduation requirements is that we do 30 hours of community service. Some people cleaned ditches, others cleaned animal shelters, and one guy I know even folded towels at the local homeless shelter for 30 hours. I really didnt want to do that, and for some reason, I didn't just fake the papers, so I started thinking.

    My mom runs a near-by seminary, and said that they needed some park benches built. I talked to a couple people and got my mom to come up with a design and figure out where they were going to go, and we found someone who donated the material... The school got three benches for free, and the philanthrapist even let us keep a bench for the farm, which I thought was nice.

    I drove to the city and bought a few lenghts of salvage pipe, and cleaned out the steel yard of their scrap channel. I came home, got to work, well, the pictres and video tell the story better than I can...

    But anyway, I am officially DONE with high school!! WooooHooo, lol. Lifes good.

    To my knowledge, the school has yet to install them. When I dropped them off, we put them in a shed for later... They're having some concrete work done, and when that happens, they're going to use the leftover cement to secure the benches. When I see them installed, I'll take some pictures and maybe another video... I hope you all enjoy the video:

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    That's pretty cool, I wouldn't have chosen folding towels either.


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      The Community Service Project

      Did you put only 1 bolt in the center of a 5/4 X 6 PT board? If so when that wood dries its going to cup and warp


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        Good work man. It is very nice to see a young person at the end of his high school career who is doing something civic, is happy about it, is using his mind to come up with his own thing, and does a good job.